Nature next door

500 meters west from Ellumara there’s Pantano Longarini, where you can go birdwatching to see the pink lamingos, the mallards duck, geese, gray heron, …

The area (200 Ha) is used as a rest, during the migration period, by various bird species during their seasonal migration from Africa to North Europe and vice versa.

During the course of the year, it offers ideal conditions for stopping, feeding and reproducing an incredible number of animal species: over 250 species of birds, at least 21 species of dragonflies, hundreds of species of insects.

In 2016 a german fondation for biodiversity has bought the area.

Since the time of the Greeks and Romans this area was used as an internal port, given the impossibility of creating fairly sheltered ports along the coast, and known as Porto Ulisse, perhaps in reference to the fact that the Homeric hero may have landed here during his roaming around the Mediterranean Sea. The proof of this is confirmed by the fact that in the 1960s, during excavations, the remains of a Byzantine ship dating back to the 6th century were found, sheltered about 500 meters from the coast.

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