This small town in the south-east was founded again in the 1700’s. It is the heart and at the same time the starting point for a visit to the valley of the Sicilian Baroque. Its cathedral, also perfectly raised and rebuilt again after 10 years of difficult work, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

As you know Noto was built after a powerful earthquake. This has given architects the freedom to design and create a most spectacular urban settlement. The three main roads are all oriented from the east to the west in order to always be illuminated by the sun. The urban design had also planned them to be intended for three main social classes: the passage where you find yourself was for the clergy, the upper part was for the nobility and the lower one was for the people.noto1noto_2noto_3Noto-_4Noto.MunicipioNoto.SanFrancesconoto2Noto.Arco_

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